Officers & Committee Chairs

Below you will find information about the elected officers and appointed committee chairs for the current term at the Cape Atlantic Intergroup (CAIG). Listed here are the names of the position holders, a list of their job duties, and their email contact link. 

The service positions at CAIG are a 2 year commitment; the below team began their service in January of 2022.

Please reach out to these individuals with any questions, or to find out how you can be helpful to each of them in their duties and responsibilities.


Chairperson: Damon B.


Chairperson Job Duties


Vice Chair: Dawn I.

Vice-Chairperson Job Duties


Recording Secretary: Jess W.

Recording Secretary Job Duties


Corresponding Secretary: Penni N.


Corresponding Secretary Job Duties


Treasurer: Ray B.


Treasurer Job Duties


Trustee: Susie R.


Trustee Job Duties


Access Coordinator (Virtual Meeting Assistance): Nicholas B.  Access Coordinator Job Duties

Archives Committee: Eve C. * Archives Chair Job Duties

Audit Committee: [open] * Audit Committee Job Duties

Budget Committee: [open] * Budget & Finance Chair Job Duties

Cape Atlantic Young People of AA: Julia M. * Young In Recovery Chair Job Duties

Cooperation with the Professional Community/Public Information Chair: Tressa * Public Info Chairperson Job Duties

Hospitals and Institutions Committee Chair: Marcine R. *  Hosp & Institutions Chair Job Duties

Hospitality Committee: Karen P. * Hospitality Chair Job Duties

Literature Chair: Chuck H. *  Literature Chair Job Duties

Newsletter Committee: Marlee B. *  Newsletter Chair Job Duties

Office Manager: Eve C. *  Office Manager Job Duties

Phone Coordinator: Carolyn M. *  Telephone Coordinator Job Duties

Policy & Structure Committee: Tanner S. *  Policy & Structure Chair Job Duties

Roundup Chair: Michelle S. *  Roundup Chair Job Duties

Technology Chair: Christian G.

Unity Chair: Mike F. * Unity Chair Job Duties

Website Chair: Carolyn M. *  Website Chair Job Duties

Workshop Chair: Buddy T. *  Workshop Chair Job Duties