Telephone AA Meetings

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Meetings are just a phone call away

Using your home or cell phone, you can call into an A.A. Meeting.  Just follow these easy steps:

Select A Meeting

Our Telephone Meeting list provides information on meetings held every day of the week. Take a look at this list, by clicking here.

When you open this list, take notice there is a PHONE NUMBER to call to join the meeting. Next to that phone number you will see a column that provides the PIN or ACCESS NUMBER. Write these numbers down for easy reference.

How to Call

At the meeting start time,  you will call the PHONE NUMBER and listen to the voice prompts to enter the ACCESS NUMBER. While you are on the meeting, here are features you can use:

Press  *6 to MUTE your phone

Press  *9 to RAISE YOUR HAND during the meeting


Click here to view the list of A.A. Meetings accessible by phone