Zoom Security

At the request of fellow AA members, your Intergroup has collaborated again with members of London’s World’s End group to create a second instructional video.  This video addresses specifically how to keep your meetings safe from Zoom bombings and annoying trolls that disrupt our meetings and try to divert us from our primary purpose.  Neither Coronavirus nor meeting trolls will succeed.  Together, united, we are stronger.  We hope this video will be a useful tool to you and your homegroups.

Updated Zoom Safety Precaution Video – 5.13.2020

Updated Safety Precautions and Suggestions


One of the more difficult things to navigate during the COVID-19 Crisis of 2020 is the online meetings platform that is the most widely-used – Zoom. We asked our new friends from the UK to help us with a Public Service Announcement on how to keep our (Zoom) rooms safe for all.  We are pleased to share this with you, but it was only made possible by collaboration with the fine folks at Worlds End Group in London, our fearless Chairman as well as his offspring (who shall remain nameless because, anonymous). They all helped  create the attached video as well as print-out for ease with set up, maintenance, and navigation. Thank you all for your service!

Zoom Safety Precaution Video       Zoom Safety Precautions – PDF