(last updated July 31, 2020)


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(Before you reinstate Face to Face (F2F) meetings,

please read the attached.)

Is your F2F meeting being reinstated? Has it been? Do you want it listed? 

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After attending Zoom webinars and Town Halls, we have taken extra precautions in an effort to continue to keep our groups safe. To that end, the URLs have been disabled on the attached list so people are no longer able to go straight into a meeting (especially with an embedded password).  You are able, however, to right click over your meeting number, copy and paste it in the “join meeting” section of a Zoom page. You still must add a password if one is required. Thank you for your continued understanding!

SAFETY GUIDELINES AND TIPS FOR GROUPS HOLDING ZOOM ONLINE MEETINGS: Please click here for additional, comprehensive instructions!

  • If we are hosting your Zoom account, please know we set up your Rooms all the same way: we did everything we could to help you and your participants remain anonymous.  Please share this information with your friends who are hosting their own Zoom Rooms.

  • We have also set  your Room up to make it easier for you to manage your participants.

  • However – there have been instances of meetings that have been attacked by outsiders, disrupting the atmosphere of recovery in several ways.  It is very important to help your group remain a “safe space” – our friends at the New York Intergroup have posted valuable insights as to how to handle disruptive meeting attendees.  We recommend you  download, read and share the attached Protection Guide

  • We are all in this together, to help the next sick and suffering alcoholic achieve sobriety!


  • Cape Atlantic Intergroup is offering groups and meetings the ability to be hosted by the Intergroup’s Pro Zoom account, in which we can provide meeting spaces with up to 100 participants per meeting, with no time limit, free of charge. One Zoom Login/Home Group as long as you are hosting three or more meetings per week.

  • This is a service we felt was very important to provide our fellowship with during this difficult time. We will upload your meeting as soon as we can get them loaded online, and can secure anonymity and privacy settings for all.

  • To ADD YOUR GROUP to our Intergroup Zoom Account, CLICK HERE

  • Please give us a few days to get everything going – Your WebChair and Team are also working remotely, like everyone else 🙂


As per the Order of the Governor of the State of New Jersey, we are remaining compliant: “In effort to strengthen the existing social distancing measures in place, the order also prohibits all gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, or other social events, unless otherwise authorized by the Order. When in public, individuals must practice social distancing and stay at least six feet apart whenever possible, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners.”


If you cannot attend a F2F (face to face) meeting, there are other options:

Worldwide Online Meetings | Phone Meetings

Click here to learn how you can protect your anonymity online!


The only H&I Commitments are currently RCA and Pyramid.


All PI/CPC Commitments are SUSPENDED until further notice


Be sure to check the website for further information and if there are changes to any other commitments – stay “in the know”!


An Intergroup (sometimes referred to as a central office) is an A.A. service office established to help carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to a certain geographical area. Cape Atlantic Intergroup (CAIG) serves and is supported by the groups and members of Alcoholics Anonymous that live in the southeastern region of New Jersey – from Waretown to Cape May Point.

The map below shows our service area. Explore the rest of our site for general information on Alcoholics Anonymousmore about Cape Atlantic Intergroup (CAIG), local meeting timesspecial events, and service opportunities for members

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